Degree Program

You will learn

Graduate in one of the modern degrees available, we ensure you the placements based on the knowledge we will pass on to you. If you don’t want a job we have options like freelancing or starting your own business.

Empower yourself with Internet Marketing Skills. Become Internet Marketing Expert- Learn how to do marketing online, generate potential leads, boost website traffic & increase sales revenue with better brand awareness & marketing, just like the professionals do.

100% In-house Placements

The Real Question should be what happens after this Degree completes, and at Webmonk done the future proofing once you enroll to the Program, every person who will join this program will be hired by our collaborators and partners. 

Practical Based Approach

At Webmonk, you will hardly learn anything  the traditional way we have only 18% Curriculum theory based and apart from this everything is practical. Group or Individual Activities, Tasks and Daily Sessions.

Comfort of Home

Before. during or after the degree you never have to leave your home, everything is Online, including the whole curriculum and after that job too it will be work from home doesn’t matter its lockdown or not. Be with your family, loved once while you learn, earn, grow.

Fees: 3599+GST

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Still have questions?

We tried to fill you up with all the necessary information but if you still have questions regarding IMD Degree Program or you fill any difficulty in on-boarding with us feel free to contact us our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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